Ahhhh Chapel Spa Day

Day three in Cheltenham, England was filled with rest and relaxation. I was sad that my sister had to work for most of the day and my brother-in-law had conference calls to tend to, so I was on my own and “forced” to fill my time at Chapel Spa for a spa day! I chose two treatments after looking over the website. My final decision – Deep Tissue Massage and Mio O’ Mega Full Body Exfoliation treatments.

Chapel Spa Day Waiting Room

Chapel Spa in Cheltenham, England.

The heavenly body exfoliation consisted of dry brushing the body before the skin is cleansed and thoroughly exfoliated. Then warm omega oil is massed into the skin to provide needed superfood to help smooth and firm the skin. Though reducing, at least the appearance of, cellulite is tempting, honestly I was more drawn to the claim of detoxing benefits. Dry brushing supposedly helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so that waste can be eliminated more quickly and also boots circulation. This process delivers oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs which helps them do their job better. Heck ya, sign me up!

Chapel Spa Day candle

The deep tissue massage was one of the best I had, though I have to say it was not like being massaged by baby angel hands. It was a DEEP tissue massage and was uncomfortable at times, but I would rather hurt for a short time and really experience healing and benefits afterwards. I never heard my back “crackle” so much. The massage therapist stated in her English accent, “you were a bit knotty, weren’t you?” You can interpret that anyway you would like. LOL.

Chapel Spa Day Refresh

Chapel Spa ladies dressing room with a modern Moroccan flair.


Regarding the body exfoliation, I don’t really notice a difference in my skin but the treatment was very relaxing. That fact alone made it worth paying for again. If I had to choose between the two body treatments, I would do the deep tissue massage. I feel that it provided a better benefit for me personally by relieving my “knotty” tense muscle due to daily stress. Thank you Chapel Spa ladies – Diane and Ruth!

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