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Paleo Banana Bread

Paleo banana bread is a twist on one of my traditional snack recipes. I started regularly making banana bread about 15 years ago because it was a great snack to eat between meals. I made it with whole wheat flour and was very dense, filling and hearty. Unfortunately now, my body does not tolerate wheat soooo back to the drawing board and off to a new challenge of tweaking ingredients to make this wheat-free. The more I cook gluten-free really, the easier it is! There are so many GF options now, I rarely feel deprived except when I am craving...

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Pumpkin Almond Protein Pancakes

In the late fall when the air is starting to get a little crisp, I start to crave pumpkin. Nothing says fall time like pumpkin and spice. ūüôā Pumpkin is a great way to pack in dietary fiber, which can help you feel¬†fuller¬†longer while only consuming¬†minimal calories. This super food also supports vision health, lowers blood pressure and help you sleep better at night! And while you are at it, why not add in extra protein with a scoop of protein powder. I am always trying to add in more protein to my day to support muscle growth. Pumpkin,...

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Turkey Bacon Veggie Frittata

Do you ever overbuy eggs and then all of sudden they are about to go bad?¬†What do you do? I do not waste food. My motto “no food left behind.” lol. Of course within reason. And I am not an overeater, but if I can be resourceful with my ingredients and the¬†food I have on hand, I do. Extra eggs are perfect to make a frittata. This dish is great for breakfast, brunch, lunch¬†or dinner. Make this tasty dish¬†on the weekend for a special breakfast or use as breakfast prep meal ready for the week. Healthy eggs and a...

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Tropical protein smoothie because the sun is out!

Tropical protein smoothie Tropical protein smoothie. Today I went to the gym for an upper body workout and on the way home I was contemplating what I could eat/drink for my post workout meal. It’s important to replenish your glycogen levels after a heavy lifting workout session, so your body has the nutrients it needs to build muscle. I eat/drink¬†20 – 30 grams of carbs along with 20 – 30 grams of protein after each weight lifting time at the gym. ¬†Once I arrived home and assessed the ingredients on hand, I decided to make a protein smoothie. Coconut...

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Hi I am Leonora! Join me in my journey as I heal my body through clean eating, working on my fitness and finding life balance. All in all I am a 40-something who is blooming every day and in every way….visit often and bloom with me! Read more


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