How to love yourself? Don’t find some me time. Instead make me time happen on purpose.

There are a lot of things we “love” right? We may answer, “I love my car. I love organic mac and cheese. ?  l love my kids, husband and dog!” But where does love need to start? It starts with self-love. Same old adage, you can’t give what you don’t have to give. Think of ways to you show yourself love. Or maybe you are thinking – I need to do more to love myself. It’s human nature to get stuck in a repetitive action and give, give and give.

Our families need us, our pets need us and there are things we need to do to keep up the house and endless errands to run. Open your calendar app on your phone or computer and block out a few hours of the week for you. it might be to take a walk, go to the mall and window shop, spend time in your workshop, working with your hands. Love yourself by having coffee time with a friend. If time permits, take a mini vacation like I did on a quick trip to Alpine, Texas with my hubby love. Only you know what will lift your spirit and recharge your battery. Talk to your spouse, parent or neighbor about watching the kids during your reclaimed “me” time. Or maybe you can spare the money to hire a babysitter or someone to do errands for you.

love yourself spend time with friends

Think outside of our usual thinking and see how it IS possible. Just a few hours each week may be just what you need to fill up YOUR love tank. What are some ideas that come to mind?