Spring is here, so why not spring into new things?

Start with a little spring cleaning of your house and you…. Nothing says fresh like opening the windows, airing out the house, washing the all the linens, cleaning the windows and all those hard-to-reach places we skip during the year. It’s a great feeling.

Why don’t we revitalize ourselves, spring into new things, with a little spring cleaning? Just as we open the windows of our home to let new, fresh air enter in, let’s open the window to change. In most cases, we dread change. Many times, we are comfortable and settled in our ways. This can be true even if we aren’t necessarily happy with the ways things are. We at least know what to expect and what we are getting every day. Also, we can hide in our unhappy comfort all the while complaining but not doing anything about it. Most awesome things happen when we keep the mindset of being proactive instead of reactive. By choosing to open the windows of opportunities, we are being proactive and stirring things up to be new and to be improved. Again, spring into new things.

Though the benefit and progress might not be evident right away,

Though the benefit and progress might not be evident right away,the truth remains: nothing awesome happens watching TV night after night. In most cases, we must allow ourselves to be uncomfortable to get to where we want to be. It speaks to the human spirit that knows that we are meant and called for greater things. Maybe you are saying, “that is not me,” but at the same time deep inside, you hear “what if?”

spring into new things

Dare to listen to the voice

Dare to listen to the voice that has been covered up for too long by an overfilled calendar, constant noise, never-ending cell phone rings, the oh-so-sneaky social media wormholes and instead follow that voice….And a year from now, imagine where you could be? The same place or … ?