Grass Fed Real Burger – Cheltenham, England

Want a real burger? Is there any other type? In a way. Yes. Unfortunately. Many of the beef available is from cows that are fed processed corn and grain. The reason for this diet is to plump them up quicker to the desired weight to sell them. The time is sped up from four to fives years to 14 to 16 months. Another con is the living conditions from pasture to feedlot are greatly decreased.

Thankfully there is an alternative – grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is from cows that eat only grass and other foraged foods most of their lives. They tend to receive less or no hormones or antibiotics.

Real Burger Adventure

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What does that mean to you and me?

Well, the contrast in a cow’s diet changes the nutrients and fat of the beef we eat. Grass fed beef is believed to have:

  • Less total fat
  • More heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and in the ideal ratio to omega 6
  • More conjugating linoleic acid, fat that is believed to reduce heart disease and cancer risks
  • Increased antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E and beta carotene

grass fed real burger cheltenham

PB&J Steak Burger for us PB lovers!

Real Burger

Needless to say, that led us to eat a “cleaner” meal at Real Burger located in Cheltenham, England. Their belief statement found on their website sums it up. “…the humble hamburger should be given the respet that 100% pure, grass fed Gloucestershire beef truly deserves.” All their burgers are handmade and their chicken is Britain’s finest Grade A fillet, so eating a juicy burger was even more enjoyable. Is that even possible? lol.

My menu choice was PB&J steak burger, which yummily consists of the obvious peanut butter, raspberry jelly and a shot of hot sauce all on a steak patty. (I did not eat the bun). Being a peanut butter lover this was my final decision though initially I was going to order a classic burger with BBQ sauce. I went “bad” while being on vacay, but my ultimate goal is to be balanced while vacationing and not going overboard with bad choices. My body will not thank me and I do want to be and feel my best on my precious days off!

grass fed Real burger in Cheltenham, EnglandReal Burger, Cheltenham, England serves up grass fed burgers in a variety of flavors!

The menu has something for everyone. whether you are craving Cajun, Italian, BBQ, New Yorker, Mexican, Asian its allllllll here. View the menu before your visit. Or if you are not in the area in anyway most of the time, check out the menu for some inspirational burger ideas to make at home. That is exactly what I intend to do when I get back to Houston!

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