How To De-Stress Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have a wide variety of uses. Some of the uses include relieving anxiety and to de-stress, decreasing the effects of stress. Stress can be either good or bad. However, long-term stressful situations may produce a lasting, low-level stress that is hard on the body and mental, emotional being. The nervous system pumps out extra stress hormones over an extended period, which can wear out the body’s reserves. This can cause a person to feel depleted or overwhelmed, weakening the body’s immune system and causing other problems. I want to share with you some oils that have helped me and hopefully can help you with stress overload.

When I need to unwind from a busy day, which is everyday lately 😉 and I need a mood boost, I give myself a treatment of essential oils, which is better known as aromatherapy. I am sure you have experienced aromatherapy before in a spa or possibly in your own home. It has become quite a popular method to de-stress in modern times and dates back thousands of years. Baby Jesus was gifted with Frankincense and Myrrh to anoint him. If it is good enough for baby Jesus, its good enough for me. 😉  Some cultures are also commonly known to use these oils as well, such as China, India and Southern Europe.

General Benefits of Using Essential Oils to De-Stress

Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, roots, flowers and barks, making them purely organic forms of treatment, which many have experienced natural healing. For anyone who may be a bit wary about their composition, they are less fatty and consist more of highly concentrated plant components. Their use offers a natural and organic relaxation technique to heal you mentally, physically and emotionally compared to the use of pharmaceutical products. They can work to reduce stress, help an individual recharge and enhance your lifestyle.

essential oil to de-stressEssential oil to de-stress using a roll-on topper to bottle for easy application

Tricks To Harnessing The Healing Power Of Essential Oils

To appreciate the healing nature of these oils, here are a few tips on how to utilize them effectively to help relieve your stress and anxiety.

Soaking in the bathtub

You can use them in the bathtub when soaking after a hard day’s work. To do this add a few drops to Epson salt, a carrier oil or even milk and then add to your bath water. This enables the essential oil to adhere to the carrier oils so that it is spread throughout the water, otherwise the oil will not mix with your bathwater and not successfully distribute. Its best to use natural plant based oils, such as almond, avocado, olive, coconut, or jojoba oils, which you can find in most drug, beauty or health stores.  It is suggested to use 6 – 10 drops per fluid ounce of carrier oil.

Essential oils in the shower

If you are more of a shower person, add a few drops to your bathroom floor away from the water flow. The heat and steam of the shower water will allow the essential oil to diffuse. You can also add to a damp wash cloth, place on chest and inhale. You can use the wash cloth over your body. You will be immersed in calming, positive aura they release. Take deep breaths and breath the cares away! When in the shower and using oils, enter and exit the bathtub or shower with care. The oils may create a slippery surface and you do not want to risk slipping and hurting yourself before or after your relaxing time.

Apply to skin

If you prefer to massage it onto your skin, add a few drops to a carrier oil and gently massage onto a test patch on your skin just to try it out. If no reaction after 24 hours, apply that nourishing blend on your skin to achieve that stress relieving effect. This will help you relax better.

Diffuse and additional methods

To add a positive aura to your workspace or living space, add a few drops of your choice to a diffuser placed on your desk or on a table top surface nearby that will help you get a whiff of that perfect aroma. If diffusing while you are sleeping, set your timer for the desired length of time for automatic shut off.

If you do not have a diffuser or rather not use one, you can place 2-3 drops of essential oils into your hands and rub them together, cup your hands over your nose and inhale throughout the day or as needed.  An additional method you can try – put 8-10 drops of oil on a cotton ball or tissue and place in an air vent in your house, vehicle, hotel room, etc. to enjoy the relaxing scents wherever you may be.

Calmness occurs due to the fact our sense of smell is a powerful tool. Once you inhale this scent of blended oils, it stimulates a mental response that allows you to calm down, breathe slow, regulate your blood pressure and relax and unwind when stressed.

Types Of Essential Oils To Use To De-stress

Lavender Essential Oil

This scent is very popular do to its lovely aroma and versatile use. Lavender oils are useful in healing cuts and bruises and is well known for its relaxing effect. It has the ability to reduce the amount of stress hormones in our body. To experience its natural healing effect, add a few drops to your skin care products like your lotions and shampoos to allow you immerse yourself in its relaxing scent. You can create an air freshener to liven up your home environment and remove any bad odors from the room. Create a foot rub for yourself to use before heading to bed by blending some of this essential oil with some coconut or almond oil and it will help you relax.

Frankincense essential oil are great for meditating and praying

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense has been used since way back, has been known to have an earthy effect, and enables one to ground themselves and be connected spirituality. When this oil is inhaled, it allows you to collect your thoughts and recharge when meditating or praying. Frankincense essential oils help in maintaining radiant skin when applied to the body after carefully blending it with other oils or skin products used. The custom moisturizer made from the blend of this oil with your usual day or night lotion will highlight your natural beauty. This essential oil can also be applied directly onto skin that is not too sensitive and diffused for the perfect aroma.

Bergamot Essential Oil

This Bergamot essential oil has a calming effect and is used to treat depression. Its main use involves helping recharge, treating insomnia in some cases and reducing agitation to induce relaxation. It may cause photosensitivity when exposed to direct sunlight so is recommended for use away from direct rays or after more than 12 hours after applying it onto your skin. Be sure to add a few drops of this essential oil to some olive oil to apply onto needed areas to help in natural healing.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil encourages feelings of positive self-reflection. It is equally as popular as lavender essential oil in relieving depression and stress. It helps with panic attacks, during a grieving process and even in the event of shock. If inhaled or used when taking a footbath, its aroma helps to de-stress and helps unwind. This essential oil does not require diffusion and can be applied directly onto the skin excluding very sensitive areas that could react, but perform a skin patch test first as explained earlier in the article.

Vetiver Essential Oil

This oil, like Frankincense has a grounding effect too when inhaled. It lowers the effects of anxiety on the body and helps in stabilizing and achieving a state of calmness.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil comes in handy in the event of frequent occurrences of common colds and allergies suffered. It provides a natural healing alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. It can help clear sinuses, decongest the chest when used in a vaporizer, relieve stress and stimulate the human immune system. Do not apply directly to the skin when undiluted as it can cause irritation.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil invigorates the body senses and inspires a peaceful feeling helping you relax. It gives a cooling sensation and is also one of the few oils that can be ingested to help with indigestion issues, though only use with an oil that has been tested, approved and marked for internal use.

essential oil to de-stressEssential oils are extracted from plant leaves, roots, flowers and barks, making them purely organic forms of treatment

These are a few of the essential oils that can aid in relaxation and de-stressing and a few methods you use. What oils have you used? I encourage you try the oil and the methods in this article and share your thoughts! I would love to hear from you!

Source: Essential Oil Pocket Reference by Life Science